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Written by Larry Cook

10 Typical Electrical Issues of Commercial Buildings – Part 2

As discussed in Part 1, commercial buildings require having their electrical systems undergo regular inspections, maintenance, and repair to ensure public and employee safety and maximize productivity. A proactive approach will pay off in the long run, allowing your business to expand, modernize, and handle growth successfully. Part 2 will discuss six more typical electrical issues of commercial buildings.

5) Incorrect Wire Lengths

Regulations cover the stripping of wires to reveal their metal core for creating a new electrical connection. An incorrect wire length may lead to issues that lead to the interruption of the power connection and result in short circuits.

6) Damaged Wiring

Using an electrician who is unlicensed is a poor decision, especially when a non-professional may perform shoddy work that damages wiring, which may create electrical system issues or even a fire hazard. 

7) Insufficient Outlets

A company that is growing will regularly need to acquire or upgrade equipment in order to expand. A basic requirement that is often neglected is the addition of electrical outlets. Some companies opt for extension cords and power strips to meet the greater electrical demand, but this can increase the possibility of electrical fires.

8) Nonfunctioning Outlets

Nonfunctioning outlets can result in decreased employee productivity if there are a significant number that hamper operations. Call a licensed electrician to repair the outlets that are defective.

9) Tripping Circuit Breakers

When the circuit of an office is drawing too much electricity, it can lead to overloading and a circuit breaker occasionally tripping. This scenario can be a serious fire hazard. A licensed electrician can perform an inspection and recommend either installing an additional circuit or upgrading the electrical service panel.

10) Unprotected Wiring

The wiring of a commercial building should be both protected and secured to prevent power supply problems. Owners need to comply with building regulations that set forth requirements regarding the location of wiring and how they should be protected from tampering and the elements.

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