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Written by Larry Cook

A handful of Reasons for Spring Electrical Panel Upgrade

Spring is just around the corner and is the perfect season for examining your house to consider what needs to be updated or maintained. Taking a look at your electrical panel should be on that checklist. You may need an upgrade now, but not even know it. The following will discuss a few reasons why it may be time.

1) Water Damage

Any sign of water damage on or around your electrical panel should be checked by a licensed electrician. Electricity and water are a deadly mix. A rusting electrical panel or moisture on the ceiling or wall nearby could indicate hazardous water damage. Powder buildup or chalky dust on the wires of an electrical panel is another sign of damage.

2) Improper Installation

If an electrical panel and its wiring were improperly installed, the house could be hazardous. In addition to fire hazards, a DIY or unlicensed electrician’s installation may be in serious violation and not be up to code. Having a license electrician inspect your electrical panel will help ensure the safety of your home and family.

3) Poorly Manufactured

Some older homes may have had a poorly manufactured electrical panel installed unknowingly. Over time, various panel models have been found to have dangerous defects, including breakers that fail to trip. Two panel brands that are known to be defective are Federal Pacific Electric and Zinsco. You may also have an outdated type of panel such as a fuse box or split-bus. Talk to a licensed electrician about replacing any of the above panels.

4) Underpowered

Every electrical panel has a fixed amount of room for circuit breakers along with a maximum amp rating. Yours may be outdated and not meet modern electrical demands. Newly-constructed homes and upgrades require a minimum of 200-amps.

5) Frequent Tripping and Blowing Fuses

If your home has its circuits tripping or fuses blowing frequently, it is a sign you need an electrical panel upgrade. Make your home safer by having a licensed electrician examine your home to determine the causes of these dangerous symptoms.

Electrical Peace of Mind

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