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Written by Larry Cook

Advantages of Home Standby Generators

Autumn is coming and winter will soon follow. Maryland has an average snowfall of 28 inches every year. Our state also experiences freezing ice during the colder months. Both snow and ice can take down power lines, so there is a good chance of a power outage occurring this winter.

You and your family should not have your holidays spoiled by a power outage. Imagine losing electricity while celebrating Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Year’s Day. A proven way of ensuring electricity even after utility power is lost is by having a home standby generator installed.

Standby Generator Basics

A backup generator typically stands on a concrete pad outside the home. It is directly connected to the home’s electrical system and is capable of providing uninterrupted power for several days if needed. It is usually powered by natural gas or propane. Depending on the size, a generator can power a handful of basic systems or all of the usual comforts of home.

A home standby generator installation requires professional help because they are equipped with automatic transfer switches. When the loss of utility power is detected, the transfer switch will disconnect your home from the municipal grid and activate your generator. When the transfer switch detects the restoration of utility power, it will shut down the standby generator and reconnect to the grid.


  • The seamless transition between power sources by a standby generator means you do not have to scramble dangerously in the dark, trying to get a portable generator to work or refuel it. A portable generator must run outside and be connected to a long extension cord because the engine produces deadly carbon monoxide.
  • A steady flow of electricity is especially crucial for people who depend on electrical medical equipment and wheelchairs.
  • A dependable power source is important when working from home and needing to keep in touch remotely.
  • Reliable power ensures food and beverages do not spoil in the refrigerator.
  • Electricity during a blackout lets you use appliances for cooking.
  • Your home stays heated during winter, which prevents water pipes from freezing and bursting, causing flooding.
  • A transfer switch functions like a surge protector, preventing the back-feeding of electricity, which can lead to a deadly fire.
  • Installing a standby generator may bring a discount to the homeowner’s insurance policy.

Electrical Peace of Mind

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