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Written by Larry Cook

Call a Professional Dock & Marina Electrician This Spring – Part 2

As discussed in Part 1, it is crucial to work only with an experienced licensed electrician when electrical work is being performed at your dock or marina. Professionally installed wiring will keep your boat in good condition and you and your family safe. Part 2 will discuss Dock & Marina Electrical Installations.

Dock & Marina Electrical Installations

All boats need to be properly cared for and maintained so they continue running properly while maximizing their service lives. There are several methods that allow your boat to remain in good shape while keeping the waters around it safer. The following summarizes several devices that you should consider for your dock or marina.

Boat Lifts

Using a boat lift helps prevent the corrosion of your vessel and its wiring. Boat lifts can decrease the effects of being exposed to the water, weather, and marine life. Quite popular, motorized boat lifts can be equipped with remote controls to make using them much easier.

Dedicated Circuits

Docks and marinas are typically equipped with dedicated circuits for boat or dock wiring. This is intended to eliminate confusion, hazardous electrical wear and tear, and overheating.

Dock & Marina Lighting

A crucial method that promotes safety at your dock or marina is providing adequate lighting during the early morning and evening hours. The installation of pendant, recessed, or track lighting will help dock and marina owners keep their premises safe.

Shore Power Pedestals

A shore power pedestal gives you a place to plug in while your boat is docked. You will be able to provide power to devices aboard, such as heaters, stoves, stereos, and TVs, without having to run your boat to generate electricity.


Improper or shoddy electrical installations, as well as poor maintenance, can lead to serious problems that can make a facility highly dangerous. For example, the crossing of wires will disrupt the grounding wire, which may cause electrocution. In addition, using the wrong plugs for an outlet can lead to overheating, corrosion, shocks, or electrical fires.

Electrical Peace of Mind

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