Written by Larry Cook

Does Your Business Need an Electrical Upgrade Now? – Part 1

Even if your commercial building’s electrical system was well-designed, an electrical upgrade may be needed if your electrical needs have changed. An upgrade will not only increase the utility of your facility, but will also increase safety. This article will discuss several considerations you should make for a commercial electrical upgrade. Consult with a licensed electrician in your area for the best results.


An electrical panel supplies electricity to the equipment and lighting of your business. The electrical power provided by the utility company enters your building via this panel, which then distributes the current to the major and minor electrical branches of the facility. An electrical panel must be functioning properly to ensure that your employees are productive and safe.

Older Buildings

The majority of older buildings have electrical systems that were intended to meet lower electrical demands. If your facility was constructed from the 1950s to the 1970s, it is very likely that it has a commercial panel manufactured with outdated technology. Typically, the electrical panels of that era were made to handle 60 or 120 amps and with few circuits to power a commercial building.

If you have an older electrical panel, it may no longer be adequate for powering the today’s machinery and electronics. In fact, a small, modern workshop even has a 200-amp minimum requirement. Commercial facilities with heavy equipment may require an upgrade of 400 amps or more.

Changes in Needs

If your company has significantly expanded or purchased new equipment to replace the old, your business will have a much greater demand for electricity, which may have surpassed the capabilities of the existing electrical panel. A strong indication that an upgrade is necessary is the consistent lack of power.

Part 2 will discuss Signs an Upgrade is Necessary, Safety Concerns, and Planning Upgrade.

Electrical Peace of Mind

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