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Written by Larry Cook

Electrical Fire Prevention for Your Home

As noted by the U.S. Fire Administration (USFA), more than 25,000 electrical fires in the U.S. are reported every year, and they cause injury or death to at least 1,300 people. What may not be commonly known is that home electrical fires cause more monetary losses than non-electrical fires. Fortunately, electrical fires can be prevented by common sense methods as discussed below.

Electrical Inspection

Older homes, especially those more than 100 years old, should have their electrical wiring inspected by an experienced electrician for potential hazards. Outdated types of wires, such as aluminum wiring, are more vulnerable to fires than copper wiring and should be replaced.

Faulty Electrical Wires or Cords

Many electrical fires are known to be caused by faulty wiring. If your electrician locates wires in your home that are worn out or frayed, they should be replaced. Electrical cords for appliances and other devices that are in bad condition are prone to overheating, which may result in sparking and a fire.

Flammable Material

Flammable materials, like blankets or clothing, that are placed too near electrical devices such as space heaters, irons, hair dryers, and lamps are common causes of fires. Concealing electrical wires beneath carpeting can also be especially dangerous.

Overloaded Outlets

Another typical cause of home electrical fires is overloading, which happens when too many devices and/or appliances are plugged into the same outlet, power strip, or extension cord. Buy only power strips that feature internal overload protection, which shuts off electricity automatically, preventing a possible electrical fire.

Various Electrical Issues

Lamps flickering, outlets sparking or buzzing, and breakers constantly tripping are all symptoms of faulty wiring that may cause an electrical fire. Fuse boxes or extension cords that feel hot are also indicators of overloading from too much electrical current, which is a hazard that may cause a fire.

Electrical Peace of Mind

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