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Written by Larry Cook

Fall Electrical Services for Your Home – Part 2

As covered in Part 1, electrical hazards peak during the winter season. Thus, performing necessary electrical work during the fall will help ensure safety in your home. Part 2 will discuss four more electrical services for your home.

3) Outlets & Switches

As they are unsafe, two-prong outlets should be replaced by modern three-prong outlets that are known for their safety and reliability. As time passes, outlets and switches will undergo normal wear and tear, making them faulty or hazardous when they are in poor condition.

4) Kitchen & Bathroom GFCI

To ensure kitchen and bathroom safety, the NEC requires GFCI protection for kitchen outlets that are six feet or less away from the sink and all outlets in new bathrooms. Installing ground fault protection for existing circuits will improve safety in the kitchen and bathrooms of your home.

5) Whole-Home Surge Protection

Usually unnoticed, power surges can last only milliseconds, but they can harm electronics over time. When surges do occur, lights might flicker and digital clocks may reset, which are indications that power was interrupted. As time passes, tiny electrical spikes carried by your home’s electrical wiring can gradually damage components of expensive electronic devices. 

Insurance claims for damage caused by power surges are classified in the same way as lightning strikes. The average insurance claim is $4,500, totaling more than a billion dollars annually in the U.S. Installing whole-home surge protection will help ensure protection from the damage caused by power surges and electrical storms.

6) Outdoor Lighting

The installation of security systems and safety features like motion sensor lighting and pathway lighting will help protect your home from crime and prevent accidents. Exterior lighting can also be used for beautifying your home and property by highlighting architecture and landscaping features during the evening hours.

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