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Written by Larry Cook

Future Proof Your Home With Top Electrical Trends – Part 1

Advanced technology is swiftly transforming our lives and our homes would gradually become outdated without technical upgrades. As time passes, your house won’t be able to accommodate the latest products and solutions that can make things more efficient, affordable, ecological, and fun.

Homes that don’t keep up with technology will drop in resale value because they will become less desirable to potential buyers. Even though renovating or remodeling will allow your home to stay current for a few years, future proofing is actually the way to go. Smart homeowners think of future proofing as an ongoing process. Infrastructure is improved in stages, letting homes remain technologically relevant for several decades ahead.


The following will discuss the top electrical trends for future proofing your home.


Smart Home Tech


Implementing smart home technology can allow a homeowner to control and program air conditioning, appliances, heating, lighting, locks, and security systems remotely with a smartphone or tablet.


Solutions that control these devices can be programmed and automated to serve the preferences of residents. Smart software will be able to learn from the preferences and activities of the residents, automatically adjusting settings as needed.


The investment for installing smart devices does not have to be very costly. Moreover, the outlay will help increase the comfort, safety, and resale value of your house. Working with a licensed electrician will ensure safety and the best results.


Energy Efficiency


The replacement of older appliances with modern models that are larger, yet much more energy-efficient, is an approach that will help decrease costly monthly electrical bills. Outdated major appliances to consider replacing are dryers, HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) systems, refrigerators, and washing machines.


Consult with a licensed electrician before installing a larger appliance for the safety of your family. A professional can check if your home’s electrical system is capable of handing the technical requirements of the new appliances and recommend any needed electrical upgrades.


Part 2 will cover two more top electrical trends for future proofing your home: Senior Friendly and Future Proof Wiring.


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