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Written by Larry Cook

Get Current for Your Retail Lighting – Part 2

As discussed in Part 1, the retail industry now considers lighting a worthwhile investment that can help drive sales. Part 2 will discuss Vertical & Accent Lighting and Current Trends.

Vertical & Accent Lighting

A shopper’s visual experience in a retail space occurs mostly while standing. Consequently, attaining good levels of vertical light levels at about 6 feet is generally of greater importance than horizontal light levels at about 3 feet over the floor for sightlines and creating contrast for merchandise. 

Typically, a general light level is first established, and then the accent-feature display and vertical-perimeter lighting systems can be configured. The latter two require at least 2X to 3X of the general lighting level to achieve a difference that can be noticed by shoppers.

Current Trends

Customer Centric – Retailers can create an engaging experience that encourages customers to return. Their approaches vary, ranging from an overall style consistent throughout the brand’s stores to the creation of a unique, compelling destination at each location.

Day Lighting – Retailers are increasingly using day lighting to raise the quality of lighting, especially CRI. Where natural light cannot enter, tunable white lighting technology can attain a similar effect on the mood of customers.

Integration or Decoration – LED lights can be more easily integrated with a store’s architecture and fixtures, making them blend into the background. Alternatively, LED lights can also be used as decorations to catch and focus the attention of customers.

LED – LED lighting is seeing greater usage in retail spaces because of their lower cost of maintenance and high energy efficiency. They also have significantly longer service lives and superior color rendering.

Lighting Control – Teamed with LED lights, lighting control can be used to comply with energy regulations and also create a unique, artistic scene. Dynamic lighting control includes dimming and color tuning.

Multimedia – As an attention-grabber, multimedia displays are often hard to beat. They also heighten the customer experience, while putting the spotlight on new products.

Volumetric – Luminaires projecting light onto walls and ceilings can make a store feel more spacious and welcoming.

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