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Written by Larry Cook

Get Protection From an Emergency Standby Generator

Research has confirmed that 7 out of 10 Americans whose homes were hit by a long power outage of 12 hours or more faced unexpected costs. A power outage can be frequently expected when severe weather is forecast.

Unfortunately, losing electricity from the local utility can be a total surprise if a vehicle runs into an electrical pole or a transformer blows. Luckily, if your home is prepared for power outages, you will typically get through without serious problems.

Standby Generator Basics

Installed with the help of a licensed electrician, an emergency standby generator can provide an automatic, permanent, and immediate backup power source for your home. Just moments after the utility electricity is cut, an ATS (automatic transfer switch) activates and transfers a house’s electrical load to a standby generator. After the restoration of utility power, the ATS transfers the electrical load back to the utility and automatically turns off the standby generator.

Saving Money

Having an emergency standby generator means it is far less likely that your family will have to book motel rooms because of a power outage. Installing a unit will also prevent food and beverages from spoiling.

Serious disasters such as a flooded basement or frozen pipes bursting will be prevented because your sump pump and heating system will keep functioning. People who run home businesses should consider investing in a standby generator to continue generating business income.

Protecting Health

Many rely on electricity to care for their health issues. For example, those with allergies and asthma depend on electric air purifiers. Disabled persons require power for electric wheelchairs and other assistive equipment.

It is important to be aware that the health of children and the elderly can be seriously impacted by extreme heat and cold spells. Ensuring your home’s HVAC system stays functional will be crucial when temperatures dip below zero or climb above 100 degrees.

Home Safety and Security

The electricity generated by a standby generator during a power outage will ensure continued lighting in the home, preventing falls and injuries caused by poor visibility. In addition, keeping your lights and security system running will discourage potential intruders and crime.

Electrical Peace of Mind

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