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Written by Stu Kushner

Get These Benefits From a Home Lighting Control System

A lighting system is probably the most beneficial component of a smart home. Automated lighting not only improves the appearance of your home, but it can save you a lot of energy over the years. Below we discuss the benefits of a home lighting control system.

Saving Energy

Lighting typically accounts for about 10% of a home’s utility bills. Installing a home lighting control system can reduce utility bills in the long run. This is achieved by reducing or eliminating lighting in unused spaces. Using sensors, the system can respond instantly and adjust lighting as needed.

18% of an average American home’s utility bill is spent on air conditioning. This can be significantly decreased by installing motorized and automated blinds. When the light sensor in the room detects daylight, the blinds can be lowered to reduce the need for a cooling system. This is very important in coastal areas where the bright sunshine and many windows in the warm season result in very high energy consumption.

Enhancing Appearance

Traditional lighting systems are either on or off. Attaching a dial or rheostat will give you more control, but you must manually adjust when the light comes on. Luckily, home lighting control systems have keypads with buttons that can be programmed for specific uses and looks. With the push of a button, the room lighting can achieve the desired lighting scheme. For example, a painting can be enhanced with accent lighting. For romantic moods, you can set the lighting level to dim automatically.

Improving Safety and Security

Security can be improved by integrating a residential lighting system with an alarm system. You can program your home’s lighting to turn on and off when your alarm goes off automatically. This is to scare off intruders and reduce the likelihood that they will continue to break into your home. The same principle can be applied to residential smoke and fire detection systems. It can illuminate the fastest escape route to guide residents to the nearest exit. 

Electrical Peace of Mind

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