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Written by Larry Cook

Home Buying Basics for Electrical Inspections – Part 2

As discussed in Part 1, buying a home is probably the biggest and most important purchase anyone will ever make. As a result, it’s crucial for a buyer to get a home inspection to uncover any potentially costly serious problems before the sale is finalized;, this should include an electrical inspection. Part 2 will discuss the Three Main Kinds of Home Electrical Inspections.

Three Main Kinds of Home Electrical Inspections

There are three chief types of home electrical inspections.

1) Rough-In – This is an inspection of the wires, conduits, boxes, and electrical panels. The licensed electrician will ensure that the wiring is intact and that all fire hazards in the proximity of electrical panels and conduits are removed. This usually occurs during the installation of wiring and electrical components, and these items must pass inspection prior to sealing a wall or the installation of insulation.

2) Service Inspection – The process entails the licensed inspector’s observation of the electrical service panel to ensure it was installed and fastened properly. In addition, the inspector will also test whether the electrical service panel is grounded correctly.

3) Final Inspection – Breakers will be installed and inspected to ensure that the electrical system is fully functional and safe to use. The electrical inspector will typically perform several trial runs in order to verify its effectiveness and safety.

Important Points

Although a home electrical inspection may seem expensive, keep in mind that properly performed inspections ultimately provide protection for your home and family. They help prevent deadly hazards such as electrical fires and expensive repairs over the period you own the home.

During the home buying or selling process, along with performing renovations or doing a remodel, an inspection by a licensed electrician will ensure the electrical system complies with state and local codes. Skipping a proper electrical inspection may lead to penalties and additional costs.

Electrical Peace of Mind

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