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Written by Larry Cook

Ideas for Future Proofing Your Smart Home – Part 1

As time passes, the pace of technological developments accelerates. It is a challenge staying current with all of the new devices and emerging technologies. The task can also be very expensive because keeping current means replacing high-tech equipment with what’s new.

Maintaining a smart home can be costly because it may require wiring and structural changes, as well as big-ticket purchases for appliances and entertainment systems.

Fortunately, future proofing can also save money, and this article will discuss several ideas. Talk to an expert licensed electrician who is knowledgeable and experienced in making homes smart for the best results.

Electric Car Chargers

There is no doubt that the future will be dominated by electric cars. Electrical vehicle sales increased 65% worldwide in 2016. More than half a million electric cars have been sold in the USA. Analysts have projected that this will jump in number the next 10 years, and during this period electric vehicles will become less expensive to own than gasoline fueled autos. Many also believe that there will be more than 40 million electric vehicles on U.S. roads in less than 25 years.

As you and your family will probably be participating in this trend, your home will need an electric vehicle charging port installed. When it is standard for electric cars to have a range of 200 miles, overnight car charging will allow most owners to drive to and from work without worrying about recharging.

Entertainment Cabling

Current wireless technology is unable to meet the audio-visual demands of modern smart homes. The advent of 4K Smart TVs may push homes to seek more bandwidth if there are several units accessing Over The Top (OTT) TV providers such as Amazon Prime, Hulu, Netflix, and YouTube. Don’t forget the kids who like interactive gaming or adults who Skype.

For a new structured cabling installation, consider a couple of CAT6 Ethernet cables, HDMI and coaxial cables, and phone jacks for entertainment locations at home, while having the capability of adding more wiring in the future. This will save time, money, and effort.

Part 2 will discuss two more ideas for future proofing your smart home.

Electrical Peace of Mind

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