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Written by Larry Cook

Install a Standby Generator in Spring for These Five Benefits

Spring can sometimes bring extreme weather that can wreck electrical systems in our region. Extended power outages not only mean inconvenience, but they can also be expensive.

Nowadays, many of us either work remotely for an employer or have a home office. Keeping up with job assignments or staying in business means needing electricity 24/7.

In order to be prepared for power outages, your home will require an automatic standby generator installed on your property. Below will summarize the five key benefits you will receive.

Standby Generator Benefits

1) Keep Food & Beverages Fresh – A major inconvenience from a power outage is food spoilage. Many homes now have several refrigerators to keep food and beverages fresh and cold. When electricity gets cut, staples like meat, milk, and vegetables will spoil and go to waste.

2) Maintain Medical Needs – Many households include an elderly or physically handicapped person, and the individual requires medical equipment running on electricity. The types of equipment include ventilators, oxygen tanks, wheelchairs, and hospital beds. Some types of medication also require refrigeration to remain effective.

3) Prevent Frozen Pipes and Flooded Basements – Having a steady supply of electricity is needed to keep your house warm during very cold days, preventing water from freezing in pipes and causing flooding. No power also means your sump pump will stop working. This means your basement can flood during a storm.

4) Protection From Power Surges – Power interruptions may result in sudden surges of electricity. This may cause damage to expensive electronics, including televisions, computers, and music systems.

5) Stay Comfortable – Staying cool during a heat wave or keeping warm when there is a blizzard is still possible during a power outage with a standby generator. A standby generator will automatically activate itself within seconds after detecting power was cut from the utility.

Electrical Peace of Mind

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