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Written by Larry Cook

Investing in a Standby Generator Is Worthwhile – Part 1

When a hurricane or blizzard hits your region, there is a chance that utility power will be cut to your home. As the storm rages outside, you may not have essentials like lighting, refrigeration, heated water, and home heating or cooling for several days.

Fortunately, you can have a generator ready to provide electricity in an emergency. When your home is prepared for a power outage, you will have greater peace of mind because your family will be safer and more comfortable.   

We will first discuss the advantages and disadvantages of portable generators before covering standby generators. Always work with a licensed electrician for the best results.

Portable Generators

When severe weather is on its way, people flock to local hardware stores to buy a portable generator. As they are portable, they can be easily rolled into place. They require either gasoline or diesel, and most homeowners are able to get them up and running on their own. They are also considerably less expensive than a permanent standby generator, starting around $100.

Carbon Monoxide

 The biggest drawback of a portable generator is they have to be set up outdoors, sometimes in bad weather. They can be stolen, and there is a greater chance of electrical shock when water is present.

As a result, many homeowners can’t resist running them inside a garage or the house, and this creates a deadly hazard of carbon monoxide poisoning for those living inside.

Even when a portable generator is properly running outside, a carbon monoxide detector will still be necessary to ensure that the colorless and odorless gas is not leaking into the house through an open window or door.

Fuel Storage Required

 In order to be ready to use a portable generator, a homeowner will be required to have gas or diesel safely stored nearby. The fuel must remain fresh because stale fuel will have trouble igniting inside a portable generator’s engine.

Part 2 will discuss the benefits of a permanent standby generator.

Electrical Peace of Mind

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