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Written by Larry Cook

Keep Generating Business Even During Bad Winter Weather

Although you can’t predict what a winter storm will do to power lines, there is a way to help ensure you keep generating business even in bad weather. You can prevent the expensive losses that can result from power outages caused by strong winds, heavy ice, and thick snow. The answer to maintaining power after electricity stops flowing is installing a permanent standby generator.

Business Continuity

Maintaining business continuity is one of the keys to keeping your company’s reputation for reliability. If utility power is lost, a standby generator will allow your computers, electronic equipment, HVAC system, lighting, and security system to remain functional.

Heating & Cooling

It will be crucial to keep your heating systems functioning during business hours. Warm temperatures maintained by the heating system will also keep your employees and customers safe and healthy. A gas furnace will still need electricity to keep working in order to maintain the proper temperatures inside your premises. Water inside the pipes won’t freeze and damage them. Sump pumps will also keep working, so equipment will not be damaged by flooding. Inventory that relies on remaining at a certain temperature will remain preserved because storage refrigerators will keep running.

Automatic Activation

A great benefit of installing a standby generator for your business is eliminating the worry of being away when a power outage strikes. Neither you nor your employees are required to be on the premises for the generator to activate and begin providing power. An automatic transfer switch will detect when power from the utility is cut and turn on the generator safely and automatically in seconds. No one has to drive to your office during bad weather to turn on your standby generator.

Refueling Unnecessary

Unlike a diesel unit, installing a permanent standby generator powered by natural gas makes refueling during a winter storm unnecessary. This is an important advantage because the safety, convenience, and comfort of you and your employees will be maintained.

Electrical Peace of Mind

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