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Written by Larry Cook

Landscape Lighting Upgrades for Summer – Part 2

As discussed in Part 1, the summer months bring evenings of pleasant weather, and your family and friends will want to enjoy the outdoor areas of your home. In addition to beautifying your home’s exterior, landscape lighting helps keep everyone safe as they walk around your property. Part 2 will cover Stronger Security, Maximize Home’s Exteriors, and Final Words.

Stronger Security

Criminals prefer working in the dark. Houses with well-designed landscaped lighting that feature motion-activated lights will prevent them from finding places where they can hide. Burglars casing a neighborhood try to find homes with poorly lit outdoor areas. They will skip houses with surrounding landscape lighting that prevents them from staying hidden at night. The wonderful thing about upgrading landscape lighting is your home will have stronger security and look even more beautiful in the evening.

Maximize Home’s Exteriors

Homeowners who love entertaining guests outside during the summer evenings should think about a patio lighting upgrade. Having lights strung across certain areas will create a romantic mood. When accent lighting is placed properly around a pool or fountain, sparkles and reflections will seem to be dancing on the water’s surface. Installing practical lighting in the outdoor kitchen or barbecue area will promote safety when you prepare meals at night.

Final Words

Always hire a licensed electrician for projects like upgrading your home’s landscape lighting. Typically, a homeowner will not be skilled enough to safely carry it out as a DIY project. A professional will be needed to comply with electric codes. Licensed electricians can make sure the work is done properly and safely the first time.

Consider consulting with an experienced landscape lighting designer as well. They are creative and will come up with interesting concepts you likely would never have imagined. After surveying your home’s property, a designer will propose methods for highlighting the most attractive aspects of your home and landscaping.

Draw up an affordable budget with the assistance of both your electrician and designer. It won’t be a good idea to cut corners by purchasing lighting products of low quality. Doing so may create problems down the road that will require spending more money to address them because of safety issues. You should always strive for electrical work being properly and safely carried out.

Electrical Peace of Mind

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