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Written by Larry Cook

Light Your Landscaping with Low Voltage This Summer – Part 1

After beautifying your home with a new wall, driveway, walkway, or landscaping, you may have overlooked the idea of accentuating these new exterior features with low voltage lighting. Done skillfully, lighting design can make your house look much more appealing at night.

There is also an important safety aspect to installing exterior lighting for both residents and visitors.  People will find it easier to find and maneuver on steps and walkways because of the improved visibility. Security will also be improved because a well-lit exterior will discourage would-be intruders from entering your property.

The following will discuss the design aspects of low voltage landscape lighting. Make sure to talk to a reputable electrical services company before you start on a project like this. Working with an experienced and licensed electrician will ensure safety and get the best results.

Revealing Beauty

Both your home’s architectural and landscaping features can be lit artistically to bring out their inherent beauty after sunset. Placement of lights is the key to landscape lighting design. If done properly, the appearance of your house will be transformed during nighttime. Dimension and depth accomplished by skillfully placed lighting fixtures will result in creating beauty not possible with daylight.

First Step

There are numerous aspects to consider during the design process of a landscape lighting system. The first step is taking a walk around your home’s exterior during the day and studying architectural and landscaping features that you think should be highlighted. Take notes and discuss your ideas with an electrician who has extensive experience in landscape lighting.

Lighting and Lighting Fixtures

Lighting design is achieved primarily by the combined effects of the lights utilized. Typically, this is accomplished by the type of bulbs in the light fixtures. However, homeowners will benefit in the long run by selecting high-quality outdoor low voltage lighting fixtures. They will provide greater protection for light bulbs and have greater durability in the elements. This means less maintenance and costs.

Part 2 will discuss Lighting Basics and Reflective Qualities for low voltage landscape lighting design.

Electrical Peace of Mind

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