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Pool Lighting Guide for Beauty and Safety – Part 1

For lots of families, the swimming pool is the center of their homes during the warm summer months. It’s where fun is made, and smiles and laughter come easily. One way to maximize enjoyment is making the pool area accessible day and night by installing lighting.

Properly lighting your pool and the area around it will make it much safer to use at night. Your family will feel more secure being around the water after sundown, and a safer environment will let everyone have more fun. Lighting can also add beauty to the pool’s atmosphere. Lights will sparkle on the surface of the water, and areas of the pool can be lit in a variety of beautiful colors.

The following is a pool lighting guide for beauty and safety. It will cover the two main types, above-ground and underwater. For the best results, work with a reputable local licensed electrician who has years of experience in electrical installations for swimming pools.

Underwater Pool Lights

Swimming in dark pools can be extremely dangerous and result in serious injuries and even death. For pool parties at night, the safety of swimmers will be improved by installing underwater lights that will allow them to see and be seen. Lighting can greatly increase people’s awareness of where the sides and bottom of a pool are located, helping to prevent accidents.

Underwater lighting can also be used to transform the pool environment. These light fixtures can either blend in with the pool’s surfaces or stand out. Installing colored lights will make the atmosphere more playful and joyful. Your choice of colors can set the mood and theme for a party. For example, orange and yellow lights will give the water the warm look of a sunset, creating a relaxing and cheerful atmosphere.

Tips for Lighting Zones

To differentiate areas of a pool, experts recommend using lights of complementary colors. This approach will give each zone greater depth and a distinct visual experience for guests. For example, a particular color, like green, can be used to mark the shallower areas of a pool, where children must stay for their own safety.

Part 2 will discuss Above Ground Lighting, Lighting Pool Walkways, and Extra Lighting Tips.

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