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Written by Larry Cook

Pool Lighting Guide for Beauty and Safety – Part 2

As discussed in Part 1, the swimming pool is the center of the lives of many families during the warm summer months. One way to maximize enjoyment is making the pool area accessible day and night by installing lighting. Part 2 will discuss Above Ground Lighting, Lighting Pool Walkways, and Extra Lighting Tips.

Above Ground Lighting

There are a multitude of lights and fixtures to select for the lighting around and above your swimming pool. For example, softer lights can be used to create a relaxing atmosphere. In contrast, vivid lights are a better choice for illuminating the patio or deck next to a pool.

For the most effecting lighting configuration that will bring both beauty and safety, a proper combination of softer and vivid lights will do the trick. Soft lighting will create a peaceful atmosphere conducive to lounging. Vivid lighting helps guests stay aware of the edges around a pool, which will help prevent accidents.

Lighting Pool Walkways

It is a standard rule that there should always be lighting on pool walkways. Lights will help keep guests aware of the locations of pool edges and surfaces, decreasing the risk of falling in accidentally or slipping on unseen pool toys. Pathway lights should be vivid enough for people to remain aware, promoting safety. However, they should not be overpowering and glaring to eyes.

Lighting fixtures should not be chosen just because of their beautiful design. They should have essential features like weatherproof housing. A homeowner would be wasting a significant amount of time and money spent on installing pool lights if bad weather and splashes ruined them after only a brief period.

Additional lighting placed in gazebos, patios, trees, and walls can enhance the beauty of a swimming pool. Areas that can be potentially dangerous during the night can be made much safer with strategically placed lighting fixtures.

Extra Lighting Tips

Pool lights are essential for the safety of swimmers and people walking around your swimming pool after sunset. Focus lighting efforts on the more hazardous areas of your pool. Along with a pool’s edges, ladders, steps, and pathways can also be quite dangerous at night.

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