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Written by Larry Cook

Protecting Your Home Standby Generator During Winters

When winter temperatures drop below zero, homeowners have to ensure their automatic standby generators are ready to function when utility power is cut. Your generator must be ready the moment a winter storm takes down power lines and cuts electricity in your area.

Ensuring that your standby generator will easily start will help prevent serious damage to your home caused by broken pipes or flooding. You will also keep your family safe and warm during freezing weather.

When a generator’s scheduled maintenance is not performed, there is a greater chance that there will be issues. Below are maintenance tips that will prepare your standby generator for very low temperatures.

Sufficient Clearance

Snow that piles up around and on top of your standby generator should be cleared off. There should always be a minimum five feet of clearance around the unit. This helps the generator from overheating while it’s running.It is also a preventative measure to keep ice from forming on the enclosure as well as internal parts.

Proper Oil Usage

Designed to function in most climates, an automatic standby generator from a proven manufacturer, such as Cummins, Generac or Kohler, will be highly reliable when its regularly scheduled maintenance is properly conducted.

One crucial requirement is making sure the unit is supplied with fresh oil.
5W-30 synthetic oil should also be used when temperatures drop below freezing on a consistent basis.

Kit Made for Cold Weather

The installation of a cold weather kit is recommended when the temperature approaches 32°F. A cold weather kit typically includes an oil crankcase heater and a battery pad warmer that is controlled by a thermostat. Both help ensure the smooth start of an air-cooled automatic standby generator whenever utility power is lost during the colder months.

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