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Written by Larry Cook

Revamp Your Store’s Lighting with LED – Part 2

As discussed in Part 1, customer experience is crucial in the field of retail. Modern lighting design helps create an appealing and successful store that attracts customers. Thus, a store’s layout and its lighting should work together for creating a shopping experience that produces return buyers and more revenue. Part 2 will discuss the implementation of LED lighting in retail environments.

Color Rendering Index

CRI (Color Rendering Index) is the measure of how light renders the actual color of an object. Basically, CRI predicts how well a source of light reproduces color with a gauge numbering from 0 to 100. Sunlight has a rating of 100. LED lights are particularly quite suited for retail shopping environments because their CRI numbers range from 85 to 95.

Ambient Lighting

The main goal of store lighting design is to create pleasing overall ambient lighting. The chief object of ambient lighting is to ensure adequate brightness throughout the entire floor space so there is adequate visibility that allows customers to easily and safely walk around. Properly designed ambient lighting also creates a warm atmosphere for shoppers.

Accent Lighting

The chief objective of accent lighting is to provide highlighting for specific displays and areas of a retail space. Accent lights are capable of focusing the eyes of shoppers toward particular products they are directed upon. They can also create a dramatic effect, emphasizing specific merchandise and making them more visually attractive. Typically, accent lighting is utilized nearby entrances to focus on seasonal goods and new items.

Focused Lighting

Utilized in certain store areas, focused lighting is intended to illuminate the places where specific tasks are carried out. Focused lighting can be found at the store’s cashier area, near the entrance, within dressing rooms, and in the customer service booth.

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