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Written by Larry Cook

Spring Electrical Projects to Spark Up Your Home – Part 1

Springtime is here, and the days are getting longer and warmer after a dark and cold winter. Take the opportunity to spark up your home with the following exciting spring electrical projects. Always work with a licensed electrician for your family’s safety and the best results.

Landscape Lighting

Take the opportunity to install landscape lighting that will beautify your grounds and accentuate the beauty of the lawn, trees, gardens, shrubbery, and architectural features of your home. Landscape lighting can magnificently transform how your home and the grounds appear at night. Another idea is installing exterior speakers that can pipe out music while you are barbecuing. These additions can raise the resale value of your home.

Outdoor Lighting

Now that spring has arrived, we’ll be spending more time outdoors as the weather grows warmer. Lighting the outdoor walking areas, such as sidewalks, pathways, and stairs, will improve safety and make your home look more welcoming. The installation of outdoor lighting will let you maximize warm spring and summer nights when you are entertaining guests or just hanging out with the family.

Wiring Hot Tubs

If you want to soothe sore muscles or just wind down after a long day at work, a hot tub will do the trick. Spring is the ideal season to take on this project. Depending on the hot tub model you purchase, you will need wiring for either 110V or 220V of electricity. Make sure you work with a licensed electrician experienced in hot tub installation. Water and electricity are a dangerous mix. Installing a 220V model will require a trained professional who can properly run wires from your home’s electrical panel to the hot tub.

Part 2 will cover Outdoor Kitchen, Exterior Entertainment System, and Home Standby Generator.

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