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Written by Larry Cook

Stay Warm All Winter with Electric Wall Heaters – Part 2

As discussed in Part 1, electric wall heaters were introduced after gas heaters, and they are the leader today for heating living spaces. If properly and safely used, wall mounted heaters powered by electricity give homes and apartments several benefits in terms of heating. The following will discuss the advantages from using electric wall heaters.

Begins Working Rapidly

Electric wall heating units will typically begin providing heat within 1 to 2 minutes, rapidly and efficiently distributing heat into the desired area.

Supplemental Heating

People tend to spend more time at home in certain areas. Central heating systems are sometimes inefficient as they are designed for an entire home. Installing an economical electric wall heater in a specific living area set at a comfortable temperature is a great way to supplement a central heating system.

Temperature Control

One advantage of modern electric wall heaters is more precise temperature control. Users can also set start and stop times for activation, along with a specific temperature. Not only does this provide more comfort and convenience, it results in energy efficiency and cost savings.

Conserve Space

Conserving space in houses and apartments, wall-mounted heaters are effective for homes with limited floor space. Electric wall heaters are also the best choice for small offices.

Easy Installation & Maintenance

In addition to being easier to install, electric wall heaters are easy to maintain and replace. Repairs are usually minimal, so homeowners and landlords should consider installing them where additional room heating is required.

Energy Efficiency

As mentioned above, a homeowner may need more heat in a certain area, where people are spending the most time, during winter. Installing and using a wall heater for a specific space, instead of increasing central heating system usage, promotes energy efficiency.

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