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Written by Larry Cook

Wireless & Wired Home Networking Basics – Part 2

As discussed in Part 1, streaming video from entertainment services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon will consume up to 80% of the wireless bandwidth of a typical home network. Used together, wireless and wired home networking can meet the rapidly growing future demand of home users. Part 2 will discuss 4K, Power over Ethernet, and Future Proofing.

Arrival of 4K

Featuring four times the resolution of HD 1080p screens, 4K or Ultra HD will require using a wired network at home as a wireless network will not be able to distribute the signal throughout a home consistently. CAT5e cable is capable of transmitting the 12 -20 mbps which is necessary for 4K. CAT5e or 6 cable can also be used with HDMI, which can handle HD video and audio as well as HDBaseT, a connectivity standard for uncompressed high-definition video (HD) transmission. 

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