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Written by Larry Cook

Wireless & Wired Home Networking Basics – Part 1

Wireless AC Standard

Contractors should now transition from the current Wi-Fi standard of Wireless-N devices (802.11n) to the newer “AC” format. Faster than Wireless-N, Wireless AC functions in the less crowded 5 Ghz range, rather than the swamped 2.4 GHz range. This results in a decrease of interference and improved performance.

Commercial Grade

Experts are also now emphasizing the use of routers and switches that are commercial-grade because the majority of consumer-grade routers cannot handle the growing number of wireless devices that stream video, along with various Internet services. Many in the industry also tout the use of concealed WAPs (wireless access points), which act as signal repeaters that enable a wireless signal that will be dependable for the entire house. 

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