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Written by Larry Cook

Electrifying Spring & Summer Remodeling Projects

Spring and summer are great times to schedule remodeling projects because the weather is nicer and they can be scheduled while you and your family are away on vacation. The following article will discuss three common remodeling projects for these two seasons. Plan your project with an experienced and licensed electrical services company for the best results.


Many of us do not realize how much time we actually spend in a bathroom, and remodeling it will enhance our lives. An hour may be spent getting ready for work every weekday. You can create a haven where you can relax with the help of an electrician. Imagine installing a sound and light system that will set the right mood before facing a commute or a formal dinner party. Luxury bathrooms can also get upscale items like automated window treatments and heated floors.


The addition/expansion of a deck can drastically improve a patio area, transforming it into a place for quietly enjoying nature or throwing a party for a celebration. This project gives a homeowner the opportunity to add or improve items, such as providing more shade with an automated awning, upgrading a lighting configuration, powering an entertainment center, or installing an outdoor kitchen/barbecue. Get these wonderful features and many others with the help of a licensed electrician.


A kitchen remodel can reinvigorate the whole house. Modern kitchens have become the place where busy families congregate. It may be the only place every day where everyone is together. Kitchens are now areas where families eat and enjoy entertainment. An electrician can help in the remodel by ensuring it is safer by complying with code, more energy efficient, and capable of meeting modern power demands. A kitchen in an older home that is being remodeled will get upgrades of its electrical system and lighting.

Electrical Peace of Mind

Providing professional electricians since 1988 in Maryland, Cook Electric is the company you can rely on for all your electrical service needs, including:

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For knowledgeable, fair, honest, reliable, and conscientious service, call Cook Electric today at (410) 266-9040. We will be very glad to help you.

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Written by Larry Cook

Hire a Licensed Electrician for Remodeling Projects

A home remodeling project can be quite overwhelming if it’s your first time. The electrical aspect may seem daunting, especially for older houses. One way to make the process much smoother is working with an experienced licensed electrical contractor. They will be knowledgeable and up-to-date about complying with code, and so you will be able to get sound advice for issues that arise.

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Remodeling Success Depends on a Great Electrician

Planning for a home remodeling or addition means considering the various elements that make up the project. Your focus will probably be on the aesthetics of your project, but the electrical system is of equal importance. One of the most important decisions you can make before starting work is your choice of electrician.

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