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Written by Larry Cook

Talk to an Electrician About Improving Home Energy Efficiency

An increasing number of homeowners are placing more emphasis on energy efficiency. Their two typical goals are decreasing their impact on the environment and reducing their utility bills. In either case, they can get a great start by talking to a licensed electrician about their home’s energy efficiency.

Many people are unaware that a skilled electrician can help conserve energy in their homes. Experienced electricians are knowledgeable about cost-effective methods that will greatly decrease electrical use. Below are three that you should strongly consider. 

Electrical Prioritization

Although often overlooked, electronic devices that are off still consume electricity if they are plugged in. Studies have found that up to 5% of electrical use can be attributed to appliances, televisions, chargers, and other equipment even when they are not on. This type of electrical usage is called “vampire electricity” because it consumes energy like a stealthy parasite. An electrician who is providing an energy audit for your home can find ways to prioritize electrical usage and minimize this kind of energy waste.

Rewiring and Upgrades

Residents of older homes may be aware that their old wiring can make their home more vulnerable to electrical fires. However, they may not be aware that outdated wiring may lead to costly electrical leaks. An electrical services company can perform an inspection of your home to find faulty wiring or code violations with the aim of making your home safer. They can then recommend a course of action that may include replacements and upgrades of electrical wiring and equipment.

Solar Panels

Perhaps one of the most important ways to decrease a home’s utility costs is the installation of solar panels. Properly installed, these panels efficiently transform the sun’s energy into power, and homeowners can save money by going green. You should consult with a licensed electrician about the installation of solar panels for your house. They can assist you in considering which panels are best for your home and recommend where they should be located for maximum exposure to the sun.

Electrical Peace of Mind

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