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Written by Larry Cook

Talk to Licensed Electrician About Cutting Business Energy Costs

Managing a business means watching your costs in order to be profitable. Avoiding wasteful expenses will promote the viability of your company. One area where several minor changes can make a huge difference is by decreasing electrical consumption.

To help find ways to lower your utility bills consult with an experienced licensed electrician who provides commercial services. The following summarizes handy tips that will help your business conserve energy during the colder months when electrical use typically rises. You will save money while retaining operational efficiency.

  • Turn off electrical devices if they aren’t being used. Computers, copiers, industrial machines, and most other devices can be turned off when they are idle. At the end of the workday, make it a practice to turn off devices that will not be used until the following day.
  • Implement the energy-saving settings of your electrical devices. Many devices have sleep settings or hibernation modes that conserve energy while they are inactive. Using energy-saving settings will reduce electrical usage and utility bills.
  • Before purchasing new office equipment and machines for your business, consider their energy efficiency. Installing electrically efficient devices that are ENERGY STAR certified will result in significant savings over time.
  • How you time the energy usage of your company can also play a factor in reducing electrical costs. The hours from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. are considered the peak hours for electricity usage. Using equipment and machines that consume a lot of electricity during off-hours will help your business save money.
  • Ask a licensed electrician to perform an energy audit of your business. A professional who is experienced in providing commercial electrical services can point out the areas where energy efficiency can be improved in terms of equipment and policies.

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