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Written by Larry Cook

The Importance of Parking Lot Lighting – Part 1

Although you haven’t thought much about your company’s parking lot lighting, it is important for the safety of your customers and staff. A lighting grid that is well designed will provide protection not only for people, but for the business as well. The following will discuss why good parking lot lighting is an important feature of every commercial property. Consult with an experienced and licensed electrician if you need repairs or an upgrade to get the best results.


Ensuring your company’s parking lot lighting meets the needs of both visitors and employees is a sound investment. As mentioned above, a sound lighting system will promote safety. Both walking and driving are more dangerous at night because of reduced visibility. Well-lit walkways and parking lots will make sure pedestrians and drivers will be able to see each other, helping in the prevention of collisions and injuries. In addition, good lighting will help people on the parking lot spot objects or surfaces that may cause them to trip, slip, or fall.


A well-designed lighting grid will help protect customers, staff, and the building itself during nighttime hours. Good lighting maintains the visibility of areas around your business after sundown, increasing the security of exterior areas. This will discourage both vandals and thieves who may cause damage or loss to your company. Excellent lighting is deterrence, and criminals will choose an easier target.


Failing to ensure adequate lighting for your company’s parking lot may lead to significant financial losses resulting from lawsuits filed by people injured and a reduced number of customers due to their safety concerns. You and your business may also be held liable for vehicles damaged on your parking lot if the lighting is found to be faulty or insufficient. Having lighting professionally installed and repaired will help prevent the above.

Part 2 will discuss four important tips regarding parking lot lighting.

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