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Written by Larry Cook

Top Four Advantages of Your Own Home Electric Vehicle Charger

Although they result in lower fuel costs and decreased pollutants, many people hesitate to get an electric vehicle (EV) because of the difficulty of finding a battery charging station. Well, the solution is installing your own home electric vehicle charger.

The following will discuss the top four advantages for installing a charger at your house. Work with an experienced licensed electrician for safety and the best results.

1) Convenient

Charging an EV with a Level 2 charger will take between four to six hours. If you are a typical owner, you will have a morning commute, and so you can simply plug in and charge up your vehicle overnight. This is a lot more convenient than driving to a public charging station the night before.

2) Save Time & Money

Having an electric vehicle charger at home will save you both time and money. You will save trips driving to a public charging station. Home charging typically costs only 4¢ a mile, while it can cost up to four times more at a public station.

3) Safer at Home

It will be safer for both your EV and you to charge at home. However, you will need to get the proper equipment installed with the help of a licensed electrician because it won’t be a DIY project. As an example, Level 2 chargers require a dedicated 240-volt circuit so you may need a new circuit installed.

4) Government Incentives

Maryland has a rebate program offering 40% of the cost of Electric Vehicle Charging Equipment and Installation. The state’s rebate is up to $700 for an individual; $4,000 for a business; and $5,000 for a retail service station. There is also a Federal EVSE credit​ of up to 30% or $1,000 for purchasing charging station equipment.

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