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Written by Larry Cook

Top Spring Home Electrical Projects

The typical home will require some electrical system maintenance tasks after winter has ended. Spring is a great time for preforming the electrical upgrades and repairs following the colder months. Below will discuss the top spring home electrical projects that will get your house prepared for spring and summer. 

Ceiling Fans

As the days grow warmer, homeowners will depend more on their air conditioning systems to maintain comfortable temperatures and this can result in higher utility bills. One way to decrease air conditioning use and control costs is installing ceiling fans in those areas of your home where people spend the most time. Ceiling fans help provide year round comfort, and they can improve how a room looks.

Landscape & Outdoor Lighting

During the warmer months, family and friends will be staying outdoors more frequently at your home. You can enhance your time together outside by having landscape lighting installed. Lights can accentuate the beauty of your home and garden at night and make it much safer walking down stairs, through walkways, and near pool areas. Security can also be improved by placing motion-sensor lighting in key areas.

Standby Generator Installation & Maintenance

Beginning every year on June 1 and continuing to November 30, the Atlantic hurricane season can wreak havoc in the Chesapeake Bay region. Severe weather can suddenly take down utility lines, shutting off utility power for several days. The installation of a home standby generator will ensure a consistent supply of electricity for several days without needing a resupply of fuel. Homeowners who already have a unit should work with the licensed electrician who performed the installation to carefully follow the manufacturer’s maintenance guidelines.

Upgrade Fixtures and Replace Wiring

Typically, home remodeling projects are done during spring and summer because contractors have an easier time working during the warmer months. If you are considering remodeling, take upgrading electrical fixtures and replacing wiring into consideration during the process. It would be the perfect time, and you will benefit from improved energy efficiency and a better prepared home. A licensed electrician will help make sure all electrical work is up to code.

Electrical Peace of Mind

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