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Written by Larry Cook

Track Lighting for Your Home or Office

If you are looking for a flexible and versatile solution for lighting your home or office, track lighting may be the best answer. Track lighting can be used for floodlights, pendant lights, spotlights, and other fixtures. Using concealed conductors, track lighting may be installed on walls and ceilings. Consulting with an expert licensed electrician and hiring one to do the job is advisable to achieve an optimal result for your project.

Four Main Considerations

There are four important items to consider for a track lighting system’s configuration:

  • Type
  • Layout
  • Power
  • Fixtures


Consisting of sections, tracks have a number of types, such as low voltage or line, single or two-circuit, and straight or flexible. The track lighting system’s manufacturer, voltage, and adapter standard will establish which fixtures can be used, ultimately determining its suitability for a specific installation.


Track lighting systems can be the common straight track or flexible track using configurations that are either single-circuit or two-circuit. A myriad of layouts are achievable by making imaginative choices of track lengths and connectors. Whether a system can be suspended from a ceiling or directly attached is dependent on the type of track.


An important consideration is the method of providing power. Electricity needed in the middle of a run will require a canopy with a power feed. An end connector will be required if electrical supply is needed at the end of a run. The voltage of fixtures must also be kept in mind. Inline transformers may be required for low voltage lights, and this is where an experienced electrician will come in very handy.


Compatibility is the number one consideration for the selection of fixtures that will be used on a track lighting system, and they will need to be of the same standard. In certain instances, the makers of fixtures will make adapters available for different systems. As for purposing, a spotlight would be best for featuring works of art, while standard overall lighting would call for a pendant or flood light.

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