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Established in 1988, Cook Electric has grown to become a leader in all aspects of electrical contracting. We have developed a reputation throughout Central Maryland for fast, dependable service at a fair price. Our satisfied customers include builders, developers, realtors, bankers, landlords, restaurant owner, stores, offices and homeowners. We are professionals at providing information on lighting, generators, code issues and electrical safety. All this plus competitively priced estimates – FREE!


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We work hard to maintain our schedules, and to show up on the job within the
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By attending trade shows and electrical code classes as well as safety meetings.

We have a fleet of fully equipped trucks and well-trained employees, ready to service your electrical needs.


Providing Professional Electricians Since 1988

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Cook Electric Provides Electrical Repair Service to the Following Areas:

  • Annapolis, MD
  • Anne Arundel County, MD
  • Crofton, MD
  • Edgewater, MD
  • Glen Burnie, MD
  • Kent Island, MD
  • Severna Park, MD
  • Stevensville, MD


Weekly articles about news, trends and ideas

Jun 2018
20th Jun 2018

Get Current for Your Retail Lighting – Part 2

As discussed in Part 1, the retail industry now considers lighting a worthwhile investment that can help drive sales. Part 2 will discuss Vertical & Accent Lighting and Current Trends.

Vertical & Accent Lighting

A shopper’s visual experience in a retail space occurs mostly while standing. Consequently, attaining good levels of vertical light levels at about 6 feet is generally of greater importance than horizontal light levels at about 3 feet over the floor for sightlines and creating contrast for merchandise. 

15th Jun 2018

Get Current for Your Retail Lighting – Part 1

Research has found that there are about 600,000 retail buildings in operation in the U.S., totaling an astounding 11.3 billion square feet. This is indeed a huge market for retail lighting. It is a crucial marketing tool that can guide and engage customers while making them feel relaxed in a shopping environment. 

12th Jun 2018

ESFI Home Electrical Safety Tips

ESFI (Electrical Safety Foundation International) is the most respected non-profit organization that is dedicated to the promotion of electrical safety at home and in the workplace. Their research has found that people can prevent electrocutions and home fires by improving their knowledge of basic electrical safety. The ESFI provides several resources for the education of consumers, homeowners, the elderly, and children. 

9th Jun 2018

Conserving Energy in Commercial and Industrial Buildings – Part 2

As discussed in Part 1, owners and managers of commercial and industrial buildings are seeking innovative approaches for conserving energy. Part 2 will discuss three more techniques. Consult with a licensed commercial electrical services company for the best results.

Power Factor Adjustments

Utility consumers are often unaware of concealed power factor billing. Manufacturing companies, hospitals, and data centers operating around the clock are more likely to have poor power factors. This is because machines consume power while idling, wasting energy. The greater the number of machines running, the higher the potential is for waste.

Wasted energy, also termed reactive power, is costly to a utility because the consumption of energy is irregular. Thus, a utility requiring consumers to maintain power factors of 95% or greater will charge more if this requirement is not met. Finding solutions and identifying your power factor can lead to considerable savings.

Response Programs for Demand

Participation in response programs for demand gives a business the potential to generate considerable income by decreasing power usage during periods when demand is high and supply is low on the grid. When demand is high, utilities are more likely to raise prices. At a certain level, this demand makes it profitable to compensate larger consumers for decreasing energy consumption, allowing them to supply other consumers and preventing blackouts and brownouts.

Analyzing energy load will let a company estimate how much electricity can be returned to the grid. There are cases when participation can result in annual revenue up to $200,000 or more. Manufacturing companies, hospitals, and data centers are especially good prospects for a revenue generating program because they are capable of switching to back-up generators and limiting their loads.

Sustainable Energy

Enterprises are increasing their participation in sustainability initiatives as part of a growing trend. The installation of wind turbines and solar panels can assist commercial and industrial buildings in decreasing their reliance on utilities. These large consumers are also able to buy RECs (renewable energy certificates) or accrue revenue producing white tags by lowering demand and raising efficiency.

Electrical Peace of Mind

Providing professional electricians since 1988 in Maryland, Cook Electric is the company you can rely on for all your electrical service needs. For knowledgeable, fair, honest, reliable, and conscientious service, call Cook Electric today at (410) 266-9040. We will be very glad to help you.

6th Jun 2018

Conserving Energy in Commercial and Industrial Buildings – Part 1

As utility bills increase, owners and managers of commercial and industrial buildings are seeking innovative approaches to conserve energy, which is second to employee salaries in terms of costs. However, companies typically do not know how to decrease energy usage. Fortunately, commercial electricians can provide assistance in addition to their other services. The following are six ways an organization can cut energy consumption. Consult with a licensed commercial electrical services company for the best results. 


Here are some additional specialized services that we provide.


We install commercial and residential Cat5e, Cat6 and fiber cabling to provide data connectivity within your office or home. All projects are fully tested for continuity and come with a long warranty.


As we use more electricity in our homes, electric bills rise. Efficient products and energy-saving strategies can help you save money and energy at home. Cook Electric knows the latest technology to help make your upgrades payoff.


Specialty lighting fixtures and lamps include under cabinet, down, task and accent lighting, whether from LED or T5 lamp sources and they are designed by our staff to meets the exacting requirements for the look, feel and value you demand.


Providing Professional Electricians Since 1988