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Written by Larry Cook

Talk to an Electrician About Improving Home Energy Efficiency

An increasing number of homeowners are placing more emphasis on energy efficiency. Their two typical goals are decreasing their impact on the environment and reducing their utility bills. In either case, they can get a great start by talking to a licensed electrician about their home’s energy efficiency.

Many people are unaware that a skilled electrician can help conserve energy in their homes. Experienced electricians are knowledgeable about cost-effective methods that will greatly decrease electrical use. Below are three that you should strongly consider. 

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Replacing Your Fuse Box with Circuit Breakers – Part 2

As discussed in Part 1, replacing your fuse box with circuit breakers will give your home’s electrical system greater reliability, power, and safety. Part 2 will discuss important considerations for this project. Hire an experienced licensed electrician to get the best results.


Every electrical upgrade will present some challenges. Occasionally, fuse boxes are “grandfathered”, meaning that some components of the electrical system not up to current code do not have to be replaced if they are left intact. However, replacing a portion of a grandfathered electrical system may require redoing the entire system to comply with current codes. As a result, project costs may skyrocket. 

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Replacing Your Fuse Box with Circuit Breakers – Part 1

If you live in an older home, you may find an obsolete fuse box, along with outdated insulation and wires. Replacing a fuse box with circuit breakers will give your electrical system greater reliability, power, and safety. The following will discuss some important points to consider. Consult with an experienced licensed electrician before proceeding. 

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Written by Larry Cook

Electrical Safety Basics for a Commercial Building

As found by a study of the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association), electrical fires are one of the five leading causes of fires in commercial buildings. In addition, fires that were started by electricity were responsible for more damage than other causes.

Business owners and commercial property owners should use education as a tool for protecting people and property. Imparting knowledge regarding best practices when electricity is being used is one of the most effective ways for improving electrical safety. An ongoing training program for employees or tenants can significantly reduce occurrences of electrical fires and save lives.

Safety Program

The initial step is to create and schedule an electrical safety program with the help of professionals. Regular training and mandatory guidelines should be required for every employee who works with or near electricity. The following are the most important topics that should be included in documentation provided to those participating.

  • Identification of safety hazards
  • The safe distance to keep from electrical conductors that are exposed
  • Proper practices for working in wet locations that contain electricity
  • Applicable OSHA rules for the workplace
  • OSHA penalties for noncompliance

Common Causes

Electrical fires in commercial buildings often arise from issues involving appliances and equipment. Other common causes involve light fixtures, light bulbs, lamps, as well as faulty wiring.

Proper Equipment Use and Maintenance

Employees involved with using electricity for their tasks should undergo an educational program that provides knowledge regarding the correct methods for utilizing and maintaining their equipment. This will help decrease the risk of an electrical fire in the workplace. Below are safety tips for commercial buildings.

  • Electrical cords and plugs require regular checkups and maintenance.
  • Electrical equipment, including computers, TVs, and microwaves, should be serviced only by professionals.
  • Equipment must only be unplugged by grasping and pulling the power plug, never by pulling the electrical cord.
  • Extension cord usage should only be temporary.
  • Never nail or staple extension cords onto walls or floors.
  • Retain an experienced and licensed electrician for testing connections and wiring at your commercial building.

Electrical Peace of Mind

Providing professional electricians since 1988 in Maryland, Cook Electric is the company you can rely on for all your electrical service needs, including:

  • Commercial & Residential Electrical Installations
  • Marina & Residential Pier Wiring
  • Electrical Service & Repair
  • Specialty Electrical Services

For knowledgeable, fair, honest, reliable, and conscientious service, call Cook Electric today at (410) 266-9040. We will be very glad to help you.

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Child Proof Electrical Outlets for Play Time Safety

Raising a family with children in your home will require taking a few extra steps for safety.  One of them is protecting young kids from the dangers of electrical outlets. Fortunately, this is quite simple with the help of a licensed electrician. Child-proof outlets can be quickly installed by an experienced electrician in most homes.

Child Injury Data

Data gathered by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) found more than 2,000 children a year received emergency room treatment due to electrical receptacle incidents. That is an average of seven kids daily. More than 70% of these incidents happened at home, and they usually resulted from sticking household items like keys, paper clips, nails, and hairpins into outlets. The injuries were typically first or second degree burns, but some were much more serious. 

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Written by Larry Cook

Benefits of a 200 Amp Service Panel Upgrade

The service or circuit panel is an important component of every home’s electrical system, because it allows the system to function properly. According to some, a 100-amp service panel should be the minimum. However, this may not be enough for modern homes that are equipped with a heavy-duty HVAC unit, large appliances, entertainment systems, computers, an electrical car charger, and an ever-growing number of devices.

Keeping the future in mind, a 200-Amp service panel should be seriously considered. The following discusses the benefits of installing this upgrade for your home. Remember to talk to an experienced licensed electrician to get the best results for your project. 

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Written by Larry Cook

Wireless & Wired Home Networking Basics – Part 2

As discussed in Part 1, streaming video from entertainment services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon will consume up to 80% of the wireless bandwidth of a typical home network. Used together, wireless and wired home networking can meet the rapidly growing future demand of home users. Part 2 will discuss 4K, Power over Ethernet, and Future Proofing.

Arrival of 4K

Featuring four times the resolution of HD 1080p screens, 4K or Ultra HD will require using a wired network at home as a wireless network will not be able to distribute the signal throughout a home consistently. CAT5e cable is capable of transmitting the 12 -20 mbps which is necessary for 4K. CAT5e or 6 cable can also be used with HDMI, which can handle HD video and audio as well as HDBaseT, a connectivity standard for uncompressed high-definition video (HD) transmission. 

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Wireless & Wired Home Networking Basics – Part 1

Wireless AC Standard

Contractors should now transition from the current Wi-Fi standard of Wireless-N devices (802.11n) to the newer “AC” format. Faster than Wireless-N, Wireless AC functions in the less crowded 5 Ghz range, rather than the swamped 2.4 GHz range. This results in a decrease of interference and improved performance.

Commercial Grade

Experts are also now emphasizing the use of routers and switches that are commercial-grade because the majority of consumer-grade routers cannot handle the growing number of wireless devices that stream video, along with various Internet services. Many in the industry also tout the use of concealed WAPs (wireless access points), which act as signal repeaters that enable a wireless signal that will be dependable for the entire house. 

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Written by Larry Cook

Exciting Techniques for Lighting Vaulted Ceilings

Also called cathedral ceilings, vaulted ceilings are typically known for their arched shape and height greater than the typical ceiling height of eight to ten feet. Architecturally, they are capable of making spaces of a home dramatically beautiful. They also offer wonderful opportunities for using exciting lighting techniques that accentuate their forms.


Featuring track heads, cables can be suspended across the ceiling or attached to wall surfaces. Known for its flexibility and modern aesthetic appeal, cable lighting can be easily configured to suit the dimensions of a vaulted ceiling. 

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Is a Bathroom Luxurious Without a Chandelier?

Nowadays, a bathroom would not be considered luxurious without a chandelier. During the last twenty years, bathroom design has undergone a remarkable transformation. Homeowners now want modern styling, smart functionality, and tasteful luxury when they are buying, renovating, or remodeling. Although a bathroom is not typically where one finds a chandelier, it has become widely accepted in luxury environments.

Electrical Safety

Now that you know a chandelier can be a marvelous addition to your luxury bathroom, please consult with a licensed electrician prior to installation and refer to the National Electric Code (NEC) section below regarding this topic. 

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