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Written by Larry Cook

Pier and Marina Safety

Boating and swimming are important parts of the fun of summer. When you are on the pier or marina, you must be very careful to stay away from electrical wiring to avoid the risk of an electrical shock that could cause you to drown. For that reason, never allow swimming near the boat in the marina.

Keep your boat properly maintained and inspected annually. Have the electrical systems tested and conduct a leakage test to be sure the electrical current is escaping your boat.

Don’t use household extension cords. When using electricity near the water it is always  best to use approved marine cords that are .

Be sure up you know where your main breakers are located on the boat and that the marine power source to you is able to handle any potential emergency. Check for potential hazards with nearby power lines before boating, fishing, or swimming.

A circuit breaker is a where you turn off and on your electrical system.  It’s important to know where this is, especially in case of an emergency.

Circuit breakers prevent shock and electrocutions by quickly shutting off power to the circuit. Always turn off the power when doing electrical work and when there is a concern about the electrical source.

A power pedestal or dockside electrical system is a power box designed with corrosion-resistant materials to provide electricity safely on the dock.

Electric shock drowning occurs when a body makes contact with electrified water and becomes a conductor of electricity leading to the possibility of complete loss of muscle control, rapid or irregular heartbeat, and can cause electric shock death.

Docks and boats can carry sources of electricity. Faulty wiring or the use of damaged electrical cords and other devices can cause the surrounding water source to become energized.

Stay safe by obeying all No Swimming signs. Do not swim near the marina. Never swim near a running boat. If you feel a tingling sensation when in the water, tell someone and swim away from it. Always report this to the marina owner.

When it comes to electricity and water, always make safe and wise decisions.

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