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Written by Larry Cook

Setting up Your Hot Tub

When setting up your outdoor hot tub, be sure to read and follow the power requirements. A smaller hot tub can plug in to a 15- amp 120 volt which includes a ground fault circuit interrupter outlet. This will help shut off the unit to your timed setting automatically.  A larger hot tub might require as much as a 50 amp 240 feed in order to have the pump motor and heater run properly.

Some models have an easily removable panel or door that allows access to the pump, wiring and control for easy maintenance.

Spas and pools must have power fed through a service disconnect switch. This allows you to turn the power on or off to the spa or hot tub. This is set up on a timer switch that automatically turns off after the time set is reached. The disconnect must be located at least 5 feet from the edge of the spa or hot tub. The rule is set up, so that the distance will not allow you to have your foot in the water while touching the switch to prevent you from being electrocuted. You can never be too careful when it comes to dealing with the combination of water and electricity–safety first, always. The maximum distance the switch can be is 50 feet and within sight of the person in the spa or hot tub.

When running electrical wiring over a pool or spa it must be at least 22 ½ feet above the water level. This includes power lines and broadband wiring communications systems. Clearance height above diving boards is not less than 14 ½ feet above the platform or diving board, whichever is the highest.

This includes any telecommunication lines that are hung on the same poles. These lines that are often used for telephone, cable television, or speakers, must be at least 10 feet above the diving board, platform, and the water level. It’s best to choose a place away from these wires to set up your diving board, as it’s never worth the risk of having wires hurt someone while trying to make a good dive in the pool.

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