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Written by Larry Cook

Take the Right Steps When Rewiring Your Home – Part 2

As discussed in Part 1, replacing and upgrading a home’s wiring is a big and costly project, but it is often necessary to ensure your family’s safety. Upgrading the wiring of your home may also be necessary because insurance carriers occasionally refuse to provide coverage or charge higher premiums. Part 2 will cover Warning Signs, Aluminum Wiring, and Increasing Capacity. 

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Surge Protection for Commercial Facilities – Part 2

As discussed in Part 1, sudden electrical changes in a circuit, power or voltage surges are short bursts of energy that can damage electrical or electronic equipment. Part 2 will discuss Businesses and Equipment at Risk, Protections, and Minimizing Disruptions.

Businesses and Equipment at Risk

Almost every enterprise must rely on modern electrical equipment in some way, which can be degraded or damaged by surges. Business continuity can be endangered without having proper protection. Companies that have electronic systems in more dangerous locations, dependent on substandard local utilities, or located in areas where lightning strikes are frequent, will be more vulnerable to the harmful effects of power surges.


Businesses large and small should acknowledge the risk of power surges and the advantages of surge protection. The specific requirements of each company should also be considered. Consulting with licensed electricians who are experienced and expert in installing surge protection solutions, will garner the best results. Below are several best practices for facilities.

  • Ensure systems share a common ground and have entry to the facility a few feet from one another.
  • Install surge protection at distribution panels as safeguards from surges generated by high-powered motors, welding equipment, etc.
  • Low voltage and communications lines should be installed away from power cables and at right angles.
  • Sensitive equipment and communications lines should have surge protection.
  • Surge protection should be installed to shield systems from external power sources.

Minimize Power Disruptions

Another best practice is minimizing power disruptions. Every facility’s electrical system requires proper grounding as set forth by the NEC (National Electrical Code). Every cable, satellite, and telephone wire must be connected to the identical grounding point. Structured cabling must be located at a proper distance away from power cables that can generate surges. Telecommunications areas require wiring that minimizes electromagnetic disturbances and electrical surges.

Part 3 will cover Surge Suppression Devices, Selection, and Uninterruptible Power Supply.

Electrical Peace of Mind

Providing professional electricians since 1988 in Maryland, Cook Electric is the company you can rely on for all your electrical service needs. For knowledgeable, fair, honest, reliable, and conscientious service, call Cook Electric today at (410) 266-9040. We will be very glad to help you.


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Written by Stu Kushner

Prepare Your New Smart Home with Good Wiring

If your new home is in the construction phase, it will probably get wired for home automation during the process. However, this must be done properly to save headaches and more expenses down the line. Good planning during construction will save time and effort in the future, as illustrated by the examples below. Work with an experienced and licensed electrical contractor for the best results. 

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Written by Larry Cook

Lighting Concepts to Aid the Physically Challenged

Providing care for those with disabilities can be challenging. Well-designed lighting can create a home environment that is safer and more accessible. The following are several concepts regarding lighting that supports this notion. Consult with a licensed electrician regarding installation for safety.

Accessible Light Switches

Light switches that are hard to reach are a common problem for people who are physically challenged. Typically, light switches are installed too high for those in wheelchairs. Light switches are also located at the rear of counters, preventing access. Principles of universal design advise that light switches be installed at a height of 36 to 44 inches and not at the rear of counters. 

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Commercial Electrical Services to Energize Your Business

If you need an expert and experienced commercial electrical services in the Annapolis area, Cook Electric is the right choice for your business. Whether you own a gallery, restaurant, commercial facility, store, office, or warehouse, we will be there for you.

Any time your business is remodeling, installing new technology, or upgrading its electrical system, the licensed commercial electricians of Cook Electric can do the job for your organization. 

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Smarten Up Your Window Treatments

If you want to add a touch of luxury to your home, install motorized shades as part of turning your house into a smart home with an automation system. The following will discuss the advantages of upgrading your existing shades and blinds. Remember to consult with a licensed electrician before taking on this kind of project. 

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NEC 2017 Code Updates for GFCIs – Part 2

As mentioned in Part 1, GFCI requirements have been updated in the NEC 2017 edition. Changes to NEC code regarding GFCIs have been included with every new release since 1971. Part 2 will discuss GFCI protection for areas Other Than Dwelling Units and Miscellaneous. Remember to call an experienced and licensed electrician for all home electrical projects for your safety and the best results. 

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Written by Larry Cook

NEC 2017 Code Updates for GFCIs – Part 1

A hazardous ground fault occurs when an unintended electrical path between an electrical current source and a grounded surface forms. If a person touches a part that is energized, electrical shock can result. GFCIs or ground fault circuit interrupters, significantly decrease the chances of shock by instantly shutting down an electrical circuit when it represents a shock hazard. The information below summarizes the updated GFCI requirements of the NEC (National Electrical Code) 2017 edition. For safety and the best results, rely on an experienced and licensed electrician

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Light Your Landscaping with Low Voltage This Summer – Part 2

As discussed in Part 1, lighting design can increase the appeal of your home at night. Installing exterior lighting will make it safer for both residents and visitors as they walk around your property at night. Security will also be improved because well-lit exteriors will deter would-be intruders.

Part 2 will discuss Lighting Basics and Reflective Qualities for low voltage landscape lighting design. Working with an experienced and licensed electrician will ensure safety and get the best results. 

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Light Your Landscaping with Low Voltage This Summer – Part 1

After beautifying your home with a new wall, driveway, walkway, or landscaping, you may have overlooked the idea of accentuating these new exterior features with low voltage lighting. Done skillfully, lighting design can make your house look much more appealing at night.

There is also an important safety aspect to installing exterior lighting for both residents and visitors.  People will find it easier to find and maneuver on steps and walkways because of the improved visibility. Security will also be improved because a well-lit exterior will discourage would-be intruders from entering your property.

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