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Written by Larry Cook

New Home Wiring Safety Tips

When you need to add electrical wiring to your home, it’s best to leave this to a certified professional electrician. New wiring requires extreme caution and the proper tools and training.

When you begin to plan any type of   make sure to plan ahead, so that you know exactly where the outlets, switches, and fixtures are going to be placed before you begin. This also allows you to check that your electrical professionals have the appropriate tools and plenty of the needed materials.

They will know to turn off the electrical power at the breaker box. It’s best to use a voltage tester to make sure wires or electrical connections are dead before working with them.  The licensed electrician will ensure that  electricity will stay off until they are ready to turn it back on. That means you should notify anyone at home and in your area that the electricians have turned the power off to do this work and it needs to stay off until they turn it back on again. Always be careful.

Don’t touch plumbing or gas pipes while the professionals are working with electricity since they are often used to ground electrical systems.

Pay attention to what is happening in your home  at all times. Being distracted while work is being done with electrical wires could result in injury or death. If you are not feeling well, wait till you are feeling better to have this work done in your home, as the safety of yourself, others around you and your home are at risk if you don’t follow this advice.

It is always the smartest decision to hire a trained certified professional electrician to do this work.

They will know that it’s important to  Replace old wires that show fraying, and excess wear and tear. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

If you have blown a fuse or have a breaker problem, you must first correct the problem that caused it to blow.

Don’t overload electrical outlets or over use extension cords, it could put your home at risk of a fire. Why take chances with such a technical and important aspect of your home?  You are not an electrical expert, but the staff of Cook Electric are!

If you aren’t sure how to add new wiring in your home, it’s best that you hire a trained professional electrician. Call or contact Cook Electric today for all of your electrical needs at 410-226-9040 or 1800-966-8812.