Outdoor Lighting, electrical services
Written by Larry Cook

Increase the Value of your Home Through Outdoor Lighting

When you combine beautiful landscaping with outdoor lighting, you can give your home great curb appeal. This translates to increasing the value of your home. Whether or not you are planning to sell your home in the near future, adding properly planned outdoor lighting is a great investment. It is also a good idea to have properly-placed lighting to make your property safer.

Consider having spotlights on trees and bushes. This is so pretty to see at night.  Up lighting—when  used in moderation–gives your home structure and landscape interest and beauty.

Line the path edges of the walkway to your home with small lights. This makes getting in and out of your home safe and adds to the beauty of your home and property at night. The front door of a home is the heart of any house.  It’s where your home and property meet. Using warm and inviting lighting leading up to your home, along with a warm and pleasing porch lights above the front door is welcoming and keeps the entrance to your home safe and secure.

Timed lighting is a nice feature! These timers can be programmed to make  lights go on and off whether or not you are at home. It keeps your property safe and makes people think you are in the home, which could keep your home safe from people with bad intentions.  Preventing possible break-ins to your home will give you peace of mind when you  are away. Having a motion sensitive light in your driveway can also serve as a safety feature in two ways:   making people think you turned that light on, and keeping your driveway well lit for safety.

LED lights are now the choice of many landscapers, designers and home owners. The price of LED lights has dropped and become more affordable. They give a warmer lighting glow and they use less electricity. They also last much longer than previous bulb options.

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