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Written by Larry Cook

Dimmer Control Lighting and Home Automation

A light  dimming control system can help you lower and brighten the lights. This can set the mood for any occasion.  Lighting professionals call lowering the lights fading down and raising the lighting fading up.

Dimmer controls come in many sizes and varieties. The most popular is on the wall switch in the dining room to make the chandelier light brighter or lower depending on the type of mood you want to set for dinner.

Dimmers come as large as remote units that can control a theater size room. These types of dimmers are set up to work on a remote basis.

Modern dimmers  are built from semiconductors, making them work more efficiently. Using these dimmers makes controlling the  Lighting in your home as easy as using a hand held remote. You can also control it on a wall mounted keypad, or table top control. In addition, you can control your lighting from your iPAD, computer, or smart phone.

With home automation, you decide how to program everything to go off and on in your home. You set the schedule and the rest is automated and based on your personal preferences. This system provides convenience, control, money savings, and an overall smarter home. The best part about home automation is that it can also alert you to events that you might want to know about right away and while you are gone, such as water leaks and unexpected access to your home. Then, at any time, you can grab your cell phone or other remote control and change the settings in your house as desired.

Home automation also lets you turn the temperature on your thermostat up or down. It also allows you to lower or raise the volume of your music or TV. You can even turn on appliances with your control system while you are sitting in bed or from far away, creating a great convenience. It’s so easy to use, and you don’t have to be an electrician to understand how to use the home automation. You just need to hire a certified skilled electrician to install this for you.

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