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Written by Larry Cook

Stay Warm All Winter with Electric Wall Heaters – Part 1

Wall heaters are heating units installed into or directly attached to a wall. They are most commonly found inside studio or bachelor apartments and compact offices. They are suitable for small spaces because they provide adequate heating while conserving floor space. Coming into use more than 60 years ago, are they still viable today?  This two-part article discusses why wall heaters are ideal for small living areas.

Gas Wall Heater

Wall heaters were developed from radiators, which declined in use after the gas heater was introduced. Directly attached to walls, gas heaters permit the free flow of heat and are more economical than electric wall heaters. Early versions needed a ventilation system, which was unhealthy for some people; this was largely eliminated by the ventless gas wall heater.

Electric Wall Heater

Introduced after the gas heater, the electric wall heater is the leader today for heating living spaces. Made of metal body construction, it featured an internal electric heating element, which was first made of porcelain bricks that were eventually replaced by heating coils and tubes. The heating element is heated through the electrical current, and heat is distributed into your living space via the wall unit. Bathrooms typically have coiled wall heaters because they provide heating within a minute.


Although electric wall heaters are not powered by chemicals or gas, there are still safety concerns due to heated coils. There should be a safety zone around every electric heater that is clear of combustible items, such as paper, clothing, curtains, flammable liquids, wood, and furniture.

Even though it seems obvious, people should avoid touching electric heaters when they are being used to avoid serious burns and injuries.

A simple and basic way of maintaining safety around an electric heater is the 1-yard rule, keeping all items away from it by at least three feet will significantly decrease the risk of fire.

Part 2 will discuss the advantages from using electric wall heaters.

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