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Written by Larry Cook

Electrify Your Home’s Floors for Warmer Winters

Aside from having both of your feet being comfortably warm during cold winter mornings, electric floor heating (EFH) offers other great advantages. An underfloor heating system will make your home feel warmer and lower the costs because it can provide more climate control over the areas that are heated. You may also choose to install it throughout the house or for a specific area such as the bathroom. Electric floor heating provides radiant and ambient heat that eliminates both overheating and cold spots.

In-slab electric heating is Europe’s most common system for heating, and it is gaining traction in North America. The most advantageous is its ability to retain heat produced during off-peak electrical hours and gradually release it over the whole day, saving on electrical costs during peak hours. In addition, a home can be divided into zones, which allows heating only the most essential parts for certain times of the day. EFH also produces warm ambient air that rises upwards, which is quite useful for homes with high ceilings. A ceiling fan can also re-circulate the heated air, conserving more energy. FH will be less costly than electric radiators or gas heating.

Health Benefits

Medical professionals recommend EFH as a healthier alternative for people who suffer from asthma due to the fact it does not re-circulate dust-laden air. Standard heating systems driven by fans can also spread viruses and bacteria throughout the home. EFH also helps eliminate damp air and resulting bathroom mildew.

Safety Benefits

Due to faulty heating systems, winter is the most hazardous time of the year in terms of home fires. Radiators, portable heaters, and fireplaces can be dangerous if misused for heating. An EFH system that is installed throughout a home will make them unnecessary.

Types of Electric Floor Heating (EFH)

  • In-slab
  • Hydronic (Water)
  • Under Tile

Under Carpet

A licensed electrician that offers this installation service can help you find which of the above types of electric floor heating system will be most suitable for your house.

Electrical Peace of Mind

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