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Written by Larry Cook

You Need a Licensed Electrician for a Remodeling Job

Whether or not you work with a licensed electrician can determine if your home remodeling or renovation project will fail or succeed. The electrical work may range from installing a chandelier to performing an electrical panel upgrade, and you will want an experienced professional to perform any electrical job properly the first time. Below are a few home improvement projects that need the expertise of a licensed electrician.

Electronic Devices Need Power & Protection

A couple of upgrades can provide both power and protection to the rapidly increasing number of electronic devices like HD TVs, laptops, smartphones, and tablets being used by your family. A licensed electrician knows how to install the most modern electrical receptacles that also feature USB plugs and surge protection.

Home Renovation & Remodeling

It’s wise to talk to an experienced licensed electrician before starting work on a major home renovation or remodeling endeavor. Projects involving bathrooms, kitchens, and room additions will require an expert licensed professional to ensure electrical equipment and wiring are installed properly and safely.

HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) Unit

If you are remodeling your house by adding a room or an entire wing, you may have overlooked the possibility you will need a new HVAC unit to provide adequate cooling, heating, and ventilation to these new areas. A licensed electrician can evaluate your additional power needs and ensure your electrical panel will be able to provide adequate electricity consistently and safely.

Lighting Upgrades

Nowadays the most popular lighting upgrade might be the installation of pendant lights above the breakfast bar and kitchen island. The addition of recessed lighting inside your living room will create highlights and a directional ambiance. Recessed lighting underneath cabinets will give your kitchen and bathroom better countertop visibility, along with warmth and elegance. New rooms or wings will need general light fixtures. On top of improving circulation and decreasing utility bills, a ceiling fan can give a room another lighting source. For the exterior areas of your home, lighting can beautify architectural features and landscaping.

Electrical Peace of Mind

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