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Written by Larry Cook

Bring in the Spring With Ventilation Fans

After a stuffy winter, it is time to bring in spring. Ventilation or exhaust fans can help areas inside your home feel more healthy and comfortable. For the best results, work with a licensed electrician to ensure exhaust fans are safely and properly installed. When improperly installed, ventilation fans may not adequately remove fumes and moisture.

Importance of Exhaust Fans

The air quality indoors relies on proper venting to protect against mildew and mold. There are people who are allergic to mold spores, and their health can be significantly impacted in inadequately ventilated homes. The installation of exhaust fans can bring the following benefits:

Benefits of Exhaust Fans

  • Improves home air quality indoors and increases comfort. Exhaust fans can rapidly remove smoke, cooking smells, and bathroom odors.
  • Minimizes growth of mold and mildew by venting humidity and moisture from bathrooms.
  • Makes kitchen cleaning easier by venting cooking grease and particles outside.
  • Prevents damage to floors, furniture, paint, wood, wallpaper, and walls from excessive moisture.

Recommended Home Areas

The following covers various home areas where an exhaust fan is required or recommended.

Attics – Exhaust fans will help keep an attic from feeling stuffy while reducing the temperature. They can inhibit the growth of mold that can damage stored belongings. Fans also prevent wood rot from degrading the floors and furniture.

Bathrooms – Exhaust fans can remove both moisture and odors. They can prevent mirrors from fogging and heat from building up. Venting moisture and humidity from a bathroom will inhibit the growth of mold and minimize damage to paint and wallpaper.

Garages – Exhaust fans can remove dangerous and toxic gases from the harmful exhaust made by cars, lawnmowers, and motorcycles. Hazardous fumes coming from containers of chemicals, gasoline, paint, and tires stored in a garage can also be vented. The interior temperature can also be reduced by an exhaust fan during warmer months.

Kitchens – Exhaust fans are especially helpful for removing smoke, heat, cooking smells, grease particles, and natural gas fumes. An exhaust fan venting outdoors can also lower air conditioning usage and conserve energy.

Electrical Peace of Mind

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