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Written by Larry Cook

Four Typical Commercial Building Code Violations

Commercial building owners are required to have safe electrical systems in their facilities. Compliance with electrical code for their buildings is required by law. Below discusses the four typical commercial building code violations that are most commonplace.

1) Defective Splicing

Connecting two or more wires, splices must be typically contained within a junction box. Certain splices can be located outside junction boxes, but they must only be for troubleshooting and temporary lighting.

2) Faulty Ground Wires

Ground wires allow the transfer of excess electrical energy from buildings into the ground. Ground wires prevent this hazard from damaging appliances and devices, starting fires, and electrical shock. Older buildings are prone to issues related to grounding, and their owners should consult with a commercial electrical contractor and request an inspection.

3) Improper Wiring

Improper wiring happens more often in commercial buildings than believed. Wires are often unprotected and installed in the wrong lengths. Lighting fixtures installed with old wiring presents a fire hazard because they function at temperatures higher than what aging wires can handle. In such cases, buildings more than 30 years old need to be rewired.

4) Wiring Overcrowded

When several wires are crammed into either a small hole or tight space during the process of installing wiring, it is termed as overcrowding. This may lead to damaged insulation and burned wires, which may remain undetected behind walls, beneath floors, and over ceilings. This is a serious hazard that may result in a deadly electrical fire.


The first step for addressing the above four typical commercial building code violations is contacting a licensed electrician and requesting an inspection to ensure compliance and safety. If violations are found, repairs can be made by a professional and the property can be brought up to code as soon as possible.

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