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Written by Larry Cook

How to Prepare Your Home for Winter Electrically

During the winter months, electrical usage jumps when days are shorter and temperatures are lower. People will spend more time at home while staying warm, resulting in more power requirements. Winter will increase the number of potential hazards at home that come with more electrical use.

The most important aspect of preparing your home for winter electrically is the prevention of electrical hazards. The following are safety electrical tips that should be followed by every homeowner.

1) Winter storms can cause extended power outages, and homeowners should prepare for this possibility. Electricians recommend installing an emergency standby generator during the fall when the ground is easier to excavate before freezing weather hardens it. A generator promotes safety by providing the electricity needed to power heating, lighting, refrigerators, assistive devices, and security systems.

2) Call a licensed electrician and request the installation of additional power outlets. More outlets will help prevent overloading existing sockets because of too many appliances and devices being plugged in, especially during the holiday season.

3) Do a routine and regular check to ensure that unneeded appliances, electronics, and electrical devices are turned off before bedtime. In addition to conserving energy, it helps reduce utility bills and helps prevent electrical fires caused by short-circuits and power surges.

4) Inspect the condition of light switches, outlets, wiring, plugs, etc. As time passes, they may either wear out or suffer damage from use. An electrician can perform an annual safety inspection and determine if they require repair or replacement. It would be wise to address any issues immediately to eliminate electrical hazards that may cause an electrical fire.

5) Have a home electrical safety checklist, and ensure that each item is carried out during the fall to be ready for winter. This checklist will help ensure that no item that promotes safety will be missed. Download: ESFI Home Electrical Safety Checklist

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