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Written by Larry Cook

Why Your Home Should Get a Heavy-Up Today

More and more new electronic devices are making their way into your home, which puts an ever increasing strain on your electrical system. One day it may no longer be able to safely cope with today’s greater power demands, especially if you have an older home.

The following will discuss heavy-up basics and the top three reasons for getting a heavy-up for your home. Always work with a licensed and experienced electrician for you family’s safety and the best results for your project.

Heavy-Up Basics

A heavy-up is also known as an electrical panel upgrade. Installing a new electrical panel will let your home’s electrical system to increase its capacity for handling power. It also makes it safer for plugging in more electronic devices.

Top Three Reasons

1) Improved Electrical Performance

If lights flicker or dim when you start using an appliance or if a circuit breaker trips for no apparent reason, your home probably requires a heavy-up. An electrical panel upgrade will address these issues by providing greater capacity and more dependable power supply for your entire home.

2) Increased Safety

A home using an older electrical panel will have a higher probability of overloading because of today’s greater power demands. This is a serious fire hazard that may someday endanger your house and loved ones. Thankfully, an electrical panel upgrade can fix this problem by increasing the power capacity of your home’s electrical system, allowing it to provide adequate electricity to all your family’s appliances and electronic devices.

3) More Options

If you remodel your house by building an addition, a larger electrical service panel may be needed because there will be a greater demand for electricity. A heavy-up will give you more flexibility and safety when expanding your home because it will prevent excessive loads and fire hazards resulting from an older electrical panel that can’t handle additional electrical needs.

Electrical Peace of Mind

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