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Written by Larry Cook

Electrical Safety Inspection Benefits for Spring

A safety inspection will help safeguard your property and protect your family. A licensed electrician performing an electrical safety inspection will review your home’s electrical system. This procedure ensures your house’s components, electrical wires, and systems comply with safety standards and insurance requirements. 

Guided by the NEC (National Electrical Code), licensed electricians ensure your home complies with the minimum standards for U.S. electrical systems. Afterward, the homeowner will be provided with a detailed report. It typically includes a list of electrical issues that need prompt attention and upgrade recommendations.

A licensed electrician must carry out an electrical safety inspection to be effective. This professional must be competent to perform the required safety checks. An electrician who is very experienced and trained to work on residences will have the skills to uncover common electrical problems in homes and fix them.

Electrical Safety Inspection Required

As set forth by the ESFI (Electrical Safety Foundation International), homeowners should get an electrical safety inspection for the situations listed. 

  • Purchasing a home
  • Home more than 40 years old 
  • Installation of major appliance
  • Renovation or remodeling project
  • Homeowner’s Insurance 
  • The last inspection was more than ten years ago.

Below is the list of typical tasks a licensed electrician will perform:

  • Inspect the condition of the wall and switch and wall outlets    
  • Inspect obsolete wiring like knob-and-tube and aluminum wiring      
  • Inspect for worn-out electrical components and wiring 
  • Inspect grounding systems 
  • Ensure appliances and electrical components are safe           
  • Implement solutions to save energy and lower utility costs     
  • Find fire and safety hazards and address them 
  • Find and fix wiring or electrical mistakes.  
  • Examine the electrical panel for proper operation   
  • Examine outdoor electrical systems        
  • Ensure compliance with homeowner’s insurance requirements  
  • Make sure surge protection is working properly    
  • Make specific proper lighting fixture wattage          
  • Make sure adequate functioning for AFCIs and GFCIs      
  • Ensure correct locations of smoke detectors and fire alarm systems and test.

Electrical Peace of Mind

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