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Written by Larry Cook

Spring for an Upgrade of Your Electrical Panel – Part 2

Part 2 will cover Symptoms Indicating Upgrade Needed, Increased Power Requirements, Whole-House Surge Protection, Improving Safety, and Raising Resale Value.

Symptoms Indicating Upgrade Needed

The following are symptoms indicating that your house might require a heavy-up (electrical panel upgrade).

  • Smell of burning or ozone
  • Frequent tripping of circuit breakers or blowing fuses 
  • Electrical cords are warm  
  • Hissing sounds from breaker box
  • Lights go dim when appliances are turned on   
  • Flickering lights      
  • Discolored or scorched looking outlets   
  • Tiny electrical shock upon touching an appliance       
  • Sparks emitted when an electrical device is plugged in         
  • Warm areas felt around electrical panel 

Increased Power Requirements

The installation of new appliances and electronics at your house leads to a greater power demand being placed upon your electrical system. If they are replacing smaller units, a new, larger refrigerator and big flat screen TV will require more electricity.

Moreover, 21st century households now own an increasing number of devices, including tablets and smartphones. An older electrical panel with a capacity of less than 60 amps will typically need to be upgraded to the higher standard of 200 amps for new homes.

Whole-House Surge Protection

Homeowners usually buy power strips built for preventing power surges that can harm their electronic devices. Actually, a more effective approach is to stop a power surge at its source. Talk to a licensed electrician about installing a new electrical panel with whole-house surge protection built in.

Improving Safety

Homes with faulty or older wiring are at a greater risk of deadly electrical fires. Adding new circuits during the upgrade of your home’s electrical panel can significantly help improve the safety of your family. The insurance policy of your home might get a discount due to decreasing the chance of an electrical fire at your home.

Raising Resale Value

It is true that an electrical panel upgrade, along with required rewiring, can be very expensive. Fortunately, interested buyers will be happy to learn your home had a recent heavy-up. They will consider your home to be safer and better prepared for modern electrical demands. This will result in your house having a greater resale value.  

Electrical Peace of Mind

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